Why You Should Become a Blockchain Developer in 2021

Start building decentralized applications and dive into the technology that will be “a true agent of change”

Jan van Essen


Photo by Sergey Zolkin on Unsplash

Being a developer is a journey of continuous learning. Getting into new languages, frameworks, and tools is quite essential for the job. Right now, many new exciting technologies like AI or IoT are emerging and gaining momentum. The question is: What should you focus on this year?

In my opinion, Blockchain is a very good choice. It will impact the internet, the economy, and society in the next years. It is rewarding on multiple levels. Within the next years, it will bring up innovative solutions with real impact and benefits for the economy and society.

“While blockchain was once classified as a technology experiment, it now represents a true agent of change” — Deloitte’s 2020 Global Blockchain Survey

What actually are blockchain applications?

A blockchain is a decentralized network that functions as a public database, a growing list of immutable records. As a Blockchain Application Developer, you build decentralized applications (dApps) on a blockchain combining smart contracts and front-end user interfaces. Smart contracts are like APIs to the Blockchain.

1. Build a Top Skill

Blockchain entered LinkedIn’s Top Skill list last year for the first time and topped in right away, as the #1 most in-demand hard skill for 2020. This goes along with rising salary prospects for Blockchain jobs:

“Salaries for the blockchain world are substantially higher than those in corresponding positions with conventional employers” — Salaries for blockchain specialists in 2020

2. Develop for the Web3

The internet as we know it today is broken. The original idea of the transparent, user-focused internet is long gone. We do not own our data. Power and control are centralized in the hands of a few tech giants, in…



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