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  • Tsz Hoi Lee

    Tsz Hoi Lee

    Building jupitrr.com Talk about tech, design and people.

  • Vytas Sernas

    Vytas Sernas

    Product Management / Analytics / Payments / User Experience. https://www.linkedin.com/in/vytautassernas/

  • Filip Jerga

    Filip Jerga

    I am enjoying creating, coding and climbing.

  • Morgan Page

    Morgan Page

    Indie game developer @PlatoEvolved & co-founder / CTO of VR health training start-up @dualgoodhealth

  • Silviya N Ivanova

    Silviya N Ivanova

    Animation/Illustration/NFT/art and ladybugs

  • Maxim Dyuzhinov

    Maxim Dyuzhinov

    Curious developer at The Other Store

  • Taylor Green

    Taylor Green

    Product Designer @ Codecademy | Background in Biopsychology, Cognition & Neuroscience | Contributor to UX Collective

  • Mugen ARt

    Mugen ARt

    Your Metaverse Closet.

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