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  • Arif Khan

    Arif Khan

    CEO, Alethea.AI

  • Tony Parisi

    Tony Parisi

    Metaverse OG. Entrepreneur. Investor. Co-Creator, VRML & glTF. Head of XR Ads/E-Commerce, Unity Technologies. Pre-apocalyptic author. Music. @auradeluxe

  • Martin


    Living life!

  • Travis Chan

    Travis Chan

    musings — Become a Medium member with my affiliate link to support me if you want https://bit.ly/2WyjVxj

  • QGlobe


    🌐 A Decentralized Social Network For Artists

  • Houman Shadab

    Houman Shadab

    Cofounder, ICME

  • Danilo Pena

    Danilo Pena

    My life and brain in word-form ~||~ Views expressed are my own

  • Lenny Johnson

    Lenny Johnson

    I make things on the internet.

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